What Whole Person Treatments Look Like in Downtown San Diego

Chiropractic Downtown San Diego CA Whole Person Treatment

Our Downtown San Diego CA chiropractic clinic is all about the whole body approach to care by offering monthly subscriptions. Our goal is to maximize your value of care during each visit.

Generally, our goal is to reduce the amount of physical and cognitive stress by treating the cause of where it may originate. The origin could be from a physical injury, or from a repeated behavior pattern that is causing the discomfort. How we get to this outcome is through tailoring each visit uniquely to the individual. Understanding behavior patterns can be an important tool when looking to improve your whole health.

The key is maintaining a positive health and wellness outcome is attention to prevention! Preventive medicine is the ability to treat and manage care over time, rather than just treating a symptom as it arises. Pain is an indicator that something is not functioning with general ease. Ever pull your back lifting a pillow or making the bed? Well, that's because the body was experiencing an underlying irritation that manifests until you register it as 'pain'.

Subscriptions In Downtown San Diego CA

Our vision is to bring whole health to everyone who walks through our doors. What's your Chiro Flow? x2 per month? x4 per month? Or as needed! We have options to meet each individual's needs for care.

If you can say that you take your car in for maintenance more frequently than your body receives natural care— it’s time to get on board! Your dedication to your health and wellness will get easier when your body & mind gets what it needs—your whole attention and care

The key to avoiding those aches, pains, or just plain getting old is prevention through attention to physical and cognitive stressors.

Our Whole Health Perspective

When we say whole body, we mean it! All of our devices are perfect for achieving whole-body healing! The panel we utilize is 3 feet long and emits frequencies from low-level laser therapy and infrared technology.

Clinically proven by various studies, this device can penetrate deeper than just surface level, healing deep within the body’s tissues.

Benefits can include:

  • Improved mental clarity
  • Muscle recovery
  • Healthier Skin & better aging.
  • Performance
  • Hormone balance
  • Improved sleep and overall relaxation
Chiropractic Downtown San Diego CA Red Light Machine
Chiropractic Downtown San Diego CA Red Light

Also included: 11 minutes of Vibroacoustic therapy which is an immersive therapy to support your body and mind into a more relaxed and healing state. Vibroacoustic Therapy can balance the body's 'fight-or-flight' response which will help to naturally restore mental harmony.

Trust in the process to get great results!

A La Carte

Not enough time for a monthly membership, no problem! Our A la carte treatment is available for all of our clients.

Health Savings Accounts & Flex Spending Cards can be used for purchase.

Students, Military & Gaslamp Industry Employees can receive an additional discount; just flash us your ID!


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