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What we've found at our Downtown San Diego chiropractic clinic is that physical stress goes hand in hand with cognitive stress. Our functional medicine practitioner can guide you through natural methods that bring cohesion within the brain and body.

What is Functional Brain Health in Downtown San Diego?

A Brain Health Coach can help patients that suffer from:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Cognitive issues such as memory issues
  • Brain fog - lack of mental clarity

What kind of assessment tools are being used?

  • Neurotransmitters testing: looking at neurochemicals to assess why patient is experiencing these symptoms.
  • Cortisol testing: This is your fight or flight hormone that causes us to be in a state of panic or overwhelm if elevated for too long.
  • Gut Health Testing: (Stool testing) This allows us to assess the microbiome and see how we can address your overall health.

All of these assessments allow us to create a personalized drug free treatment protocol. The treatment protocol is personalized to your biochemistry and will result in the best results because it is tailored for you and your brain.


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