Patient Reviews

2016 Yelp Reviews:

I have been seeing Dr. Moore for almost a year. I had have great results with the adjustments and heat and laser therapy on my neck, lower back and hands and feet. Emily and Colleen are so friendly, easy to work with and are patient-oriented. Once in awhile when I am stuck in traffic and call to say I am running late, they still accommodate me and tell me to take my time and don't get stressed. If my doc is unavailable for an upcoming appt, you can see the other doc as they have a great working relationship and have similar theories about adjustments. Even though I haven't used all their other services, I love that they believe in the total body concept. 
- Holly S 2/28/16

I've seen a number of different chiropractors over the years and Gaslamp Chiropractic is among the best. After taking a break from regular chiropractic maintenance following a cross country move, I began to have back issues stemming from an overly aggressive workout routine. I needed to see a chiropractor in my new city, and I wanted someone I could walk to downtown. I found Gaslamp Chiropractic online, and was able to book an appointment with Dr. Moore the next day. Dr. Moore was extremely personable and professional, diagnosed my trouble area and got to work with the adjustments and therapy to get me moving again. After a few sessions over a couple of weeks I was back to normal and able to make my cross country flight, for a planned vacation, without pain. I'm back to monthly maintenance visits and look forward to seeing Dr. Moore and the rest of the friendly, professional, knowledgeable staff each month. - John L 3/19/16

2015 Yelp Reviews: 

Dr. Kurt and his staff are wonderful!  They are all extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly.  :)

This was my first time going to a Chiropractor so I was very nervous to be adjusted. Once I expressed how fearful I was, Dr. Kurt sat down with me, explained the treatments and answered all of my questions until I was comfortable moving forward with the adjustment.  He never made me feel rushed or that I was imposing on him by asking questions like some doctors do.  Instead he showed how he really cares for his patients by listening to me and calming my fears. He also never pressured me to buy anything as I've heard other Chiropractors do. 

Thanks to Dr. Kurt I am moving better and with less pain.  I've had Fibromyalgia for over 20 years and have never found anything to help with the tension and pain in my muscles until now.  Each time I get adjusted my pain levels go down and I am so thankful for the relief. Thanks Dr. Kurt!  You are a miracle worker.  

I recommend Dr. Kurt to anyone who needs Chiropractic care!   - Kristine Y

After a major fall on NYE, Dr. Moore's got me almost up and running again!  Quick recovery considering the severity! 

The other amazing thing that I wanted to give the test of time to, was my hand.  I had what was diagnosed as carpal tunnel forty years ago.  So for 40 years I have been in pain.  Dr. Moore did his magic on my hand last October and the problem has been gone ever since then!

He's so humble and yet knowledgeable!  Visits are simple and quick.  None of this belabored waiting;   they are so time efficient yet informative.  

This is as good as it gets!  - Paula W

I am a lifelong chiropractic patient due to a chronic problem and have had different chiropractors in the many places I've lived around the country and abroad.  When I relocated to San Diego, my search for a nearby chiropractor was very short, thanks to Yelp. 

I took a Yelp intro offer after reading the reviews on Yelp.  And all the reviews are on target - this is one of the best chiropractic offices that I've been to.  Friendly and welcoming staff, care providers who listen to your issues and address them well, and appointments run pretty much on time.  Not pushy, and, given CA costs for comparable services and the location downtown, very reasonably priced.  Their office is in a lovely little building at the end of the Gaslamp quarters.  

The chiropractic aspect of my life in San Diego is in good hands!  Now I can afford to push myself in the gym without the fear of paying the price with a stiff back since I know I can run to Dr. Moore for a quick fix. :-)   - Indus B 


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