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People Downtown and in the East Village recognize the benefit of seeking an alternative to traditional medicine. Gaslamp Chiropractic’s primary emphasis is improving your overall health; unlike conventional medicine which focuses on attempting to diagnose disease. The United States is ranked last in overall health among eleven industrialized countries. It’s time to try an option that actually addresses the root cause of your health issues not just the symptoms. 

Let us introduce you to inside out health care and a refreshing approach to pain management. Chiropractic care is a proactive method to overall health and well being. Maintaining optimal health and staying pain free are our top priorities here at Gaslamp Chiropractic. 

Dr. Kurt Cagasan and Dr. Lance Moore are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives. Whether training for an upcoming competition or recovering from a sports related injury we can help. As a member of our wellness family, we will personally tailor a program specific to your needs utilizing state of the art technology, highly effective techniques and the very best products.

We are now offering Lifestyle Wellness Medicine as a way to stay healthy and avoid getting to a place of pain and dis-ease. Optimal health can be achieved and we can help. Our Nurse Practitioner will customize a Medical Weight Loss Program specific to your individual needs and health goals which may include B-12 injections and Professional Grade Dietary Supplements. 

Our gentle approach is less invasive and cost effective than surgery. Whether you have a disk bulge, tech neck, low back pain, sciatica or are overweight we can restore your health and help you get pain free. Let us make it easier for you, call today to schedule an appointment 619-321-0093


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