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Med Spa Services in Downtown San Diego, CA

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wanted to look more refreshed? Did you know that painless, non-surgical treatments can make you look rested and energized?

In this complicated time of new trends and fads everywhere you look, it’s important to find a provider who puts your concerns first.

Vitality Aesthetic Institute provides med spa services to the Downtown San Diego, Marina, East Village, Little Italy, Gaslamp Business District areas. When you meet with our nurse practitioner, you’ll learn how this type of treatment can help you to feel good and look your best. Our health care professional team aims to provide you with every resource to achieve optimal results and we strive to provide the best results through care held at the highest level of integrity. We welcome you to learn more about our comprehensive medspa services.

Med Spa Services at Gaslamp Chiropractic in Downtown San Diego

Dermal Fillers

When you FEEL your best, you will LOOK your best. Starting in the 30s, we lose facial volume extremely quickly. This includes are cheeks, smile lines, and lips. If you want to correct volume loss or reduce the signs of aging, dermal fillers can volumize your face in a subtle way. At Vitality Aesthetic Institute, we use Juvederm products to give a natural, smooth result. This procedure can completely change your look and turn back the clock – PAINLESSLY! This procedure is also known as the liquid facelift, available in downtown San Diego!


Reduce your double chin permanently!

Find yourself startled by a little extra under your chin when you take a selfie ?

If you are one of the many who are frustrated with excess fat under your chin, we finally have a safe and effective answer. We can now help contour your jawline non surgically with Kybella™.

Did you know 60% of consumers are bothered by double chin, called submental fullness.

Kybella is a minimally invasive injectable treatment that effectively reduces submental fullness without surgery.

Involving little-to-no downtime, making it a wonderful alternative to more invasive procedures.

How Kybella Works.

Kybella is FDA approved for the safe and effective treatment of excess fat under the chin.

The main component of Kybella is a non-human/non-animal formulation of deoxycholic acid, a molecule that naturally occurs in your body to help absorb and break down dietary fat.

When injected directly into moderate to severe pockets of fat cells under your chin, Kybella effectively destroys the cells and prevents them from storing or accumulating fat in the future.

To avoid damaging surrounding tissue, it’s critical that you choose an experienced, trained injector for your treatment.

With Kybella, patients can see dramatic results after just a few short treatments, without down time or surgery.

In studies, Kybella has shown a very high patient satisfaction rate : almost 80% of patients were thrilled with the improved contour of their face, chin and reported an improvement in self confidence.


The PRP microneedling procedure involves injecting your own platelet rich plasma into problem areas of the face to correct deeper lines/wrinkles, making it an excellent natural alternative to dermal fillers by stimulating your body’s own collagen production. Platelet rich plasma contains very high concentrations of cytokines and growth factors that stimulate the production of new, strong and youthful collagen. Unlike dermal fillers which have their maximal effect immediately at the time of treatment, PRP continues to work to improve your skin’s tone, texture, quality and appearance for the following 12 weeks and effects last for up to 18 months. Our PRP treatment specifically targets skin rejuvenation around the eyes and cheeks and marionette lines and works to improve thinning skin on the neck, jawline, décolleté and other areas. It can also be used for hair restoration by a series of treatments to the scalp. A consultation with our nurse practitioner is the best way to get more information about these services.

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