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Use Your Health Insurance Benefits Before This Year Ends

Our Downtown San Diego Chiropractors
Advise You to Use Your Health Insurance Benefits Before This Year Ends

Now that it's December, it's important to use up any end of the year benefits you have, including flexible spending account dollars. Our Gaslamp chiropractors in downtown San Diego have provided helpful information on how FSA and insurances work, and what wellness services are covered. 


How do End of Year Health Insurance Benefits Work? 

FSA accounts capture pre-tax dollars for use on approved medical expenses. FSA money can be used for injury treatment, such as massage therapy with a doctor's prescription. Pain relief and chiropractic adjustments are covered in a standard flexible spending account. 

If you don't spend FSA money, you will lose it. Check your FSA balance, and spend it down before the year ends. 

End of year insurance health benefits allow you to receive needed wellness treatments for less, if you have met your deductible. If you receive injury care now, you pay only your co-pay. If you wait until your benefits reset, you will pay a higher amount for the same care until you meet your deductible. 

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Wellness Care?

Our Gaslamp chiropractors offers natural pain relief through chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic can alleviate inflammation, soothe chronic pain associated with arthritis and promote healing after a workplace or auto accident injury. Our downtown San Diego chiropractors will give you physical therapy including corrective exercises, which are vital for holistic injury recovery and mind body health. 

Massage therapy is another important rehabilitative therapy. Performed by our licensed massage therapist, massage soothes muscle tension, restores a natural balance, and enhances injury recovery. 

Read your insurance plan paperwork to find out if your plan or premiums will change in 2017. Then schedule appointments for massage and chiropractic treatment at our Gaslamp, Downtown San Diego chiropractic office before the end of the year. It can be difficult to reserve an appointment as the end of the year comes especially in downtown San Diego, so book early to reserve your spot and we have free parking too! 

Schedule an Appointment with Our Chiropractors in Downtown San Diego 

Do you have FSA dollars or other end of year benefits to use up on wellness care? If so, call our chiropractic clinic at 619-321-0093 to reserve an appointment. As a reminder our clinic serves the surrounding communities of Marina, Little Italy, Gaslamp District, East Village, and Downtown San Diego, and we have free parking for our chiropractic and massage clients. 


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